Low-Proof Liquor

According to Ohio State Law, high-proof liquors can only be sold at state designated liquor stores. Country Fresh does not have the appropriate license that allows us to sell high-proof liquors. However, we can sell any of your favorite low-proof liquors!

Our list of low-proof liquor bottles is always changing depending on the season! We also have a multitude of mini-liquor bottles (50 mL) available for purchase.

Current selection of Low-Proof Liquor:

Tenerello Limoncello Liquore 1L

Chambord All-Natural Raspberry Liqueur 375 mL

Baileys The Original Irish Cream 750 mL

Kahlua Rum & Coffee Liqueur 750 mL

Rumchata Caribbean Rum 750 mL

Frangelico Liqueur 750 mL

Disaronno Originale Liqueur 750 mL

Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur 750 mL

Carolans Irish Cream 750 mL

Dekuyper Triple Sec 750 mL

Jose Cuervo Margaritas Ready To Drink (Classic Margarita Flavor) 1.75L

1800 The Ultimate Margarita Ready to Drink 1.75L

Kamchatka 42 Proof Diluted Vodka 750 mL

Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Mix 375 mL

Malibu Caribbean Rum With Coconut Liqueur 750 mL

Napoleon Diluted French Brandy 750 mL