We are committed to  bringing you the best possible dairy products.  We feature products from  Hartzler Family Dairy, Snowville, Traders Point Creamery, Holistic Acres, and Sauder Farms.

Hartzler Family Dairy- Provides locally produced, premium quality dairy products. There dairy cows graze freely on fresh, green pastures during warm weather months and during winter are fed dried grass, hay, and silage without pesticides.

Snowville- Produces milk and cream from non-homogenized milk that comes from grass grazed cows not treated with rBST

Traders Point Creamery- Producer of organic creamline milk and yogurt from grass fed cows

Holistic Acres- Located in Ashland, Ohio, Holistic Farms provides inspected, nonatibiotic, no artificial hormones, free rang brown eggs

Sauder Farms- Located in Holmes County, Ohio, Sauder Farms provides cage free Amish eggs